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Online courses with free timing

Distance learning - how does it work?

Our online courses are a mix of direct lessons with a trainer and home study. In some courses there are also practical days in the Coaching You® training center e.U. provided. The direct lessons take place via programs such as ZOOM or Skype. We'll send a LINK by email, just click on it and be there. There are both morning and evening classes. Home study means in-depth processing of topics and specialist literature. You can see the group members and exchange ideas.

Mobile Coaching - 0900 971 500

€ 1,81 per minute

Your benefits:

  • Time saving
  • Simultaneous experience of both group experience and implementation of individuality
  • Free download of the video program as well as easy handling
  • Tailored to personal, private and professional opportunities
  • Morning courses and evening courses
  • Diploma Ceremony
  • Ongoing entry possible

We offer the following courses:

CY® Mental training and intuition training

Mental training and intuition training

Meditation, trance, breathing techniques and many mental techniques ensure mental stability.

Coaching You ® online course “Life and Social Counseling Basics”

Life and Social Counseling Basics

Curated expert knowledge about basic specialist topics in life and social counseling.

Coaching You ® online course business administration

Business administration

Economic know-how to the next level with this curated expert course on the supreme discipline of corporate management

Coaching You ® online course "Law for Life and Social Counseling"

Law for Life and Social Counseling

360-degree overview of the legal basis, comprehensive aspects of the Austrian judiciary, as well as professional and family law and data protection



Ethics is and remains a timelessly topical issue that provides a solid basis for professional success and private satisfaction.