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Ethics Online Training by Coaching You ®

Why is an ethics training so important?

Ethics is a meta-discipline that runs like a red thread through all areas of life - both in the private and in the professional environment.

The fundamental ethical questions of morality, the meaning of life, discretion and what is good and what is not good have literally occupied mankind for centuries.
The great philosophers of the past asked questions in their philosophical discourse that are just as relevant today.

Ethics is and remains a timelessly topical issue that provides a solid basis for professional success and private satisfaction.

With this ethics online course, you will learn the basics of professional ethics at your own pace, which are relevant and useful in consulting practice as well as in various other professional disciplines and in the private context of life.

Target group

This course is ideally suited for people in advisory and social professions: life and social counselors, teachers and nurses, for employees in the health sector, etc. The course is also suitable for people who work in the economic sector. Managers in particular can benefit greatly from this curated specialist knowledge and promote the motivation of their employees through targeted implementation.


12 modules


Online course, available 24/7
The course will only take place digitally.


EUR 890,00 + 20% MwSt.


Ethics Online Training by Coaching You ®