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CY® Mental training and intuition training

Diploma education

CY® Mental training and intuition training

Brief Description / Highlights

Almost nothing is possible nowadays without mental training. Whether in sports, in business, for emergency services or in private life, mental stability ensures success in professional endeavors and in private life. For every challenge there is a mental technique, used invisibly but highly effective. Neuroscience and cognitive research have proven the effectiveness of these techniques, and mainstream medicine has recognized them. Austrian and international corporations, armies and NGOs employ mental trainers to keep their teams healthy.

You and those around you will also benefit from your knowledge of resource optimization.

Seminar Benefit

You and those around you will benefit from your know-how, which you can use to help regenerate and optimize resources.

Content / subject areas and learning objectives

  • Introduction to mental and intuition training
  • activity overview; Method overview
  • Basics of related departments; Differentiation of the training professions, general psychology, communication, Meditation, trance, imagination, visualization, breathing techniques, stress management, inner child work; etc. Legal questions for mental trainers, drafting contracts, market presence, business plan;

Ideal for / target group

Ideal, if you want to secure and promote your current job, are looking for a second mainstay with a future and are striving for the best job opportunities in many industries.

Your benefits:

  • Modern profession with a future in all business sectors
  • Mental training is our core competence in life and social counseling
  • Holistic approach with the latest teaching content and new scientific principles
  • Free introductory talk
  • Entry into distance learning is possible at any time

Prerequisites / Preparation:

  • Initial consultation
  • A common sense as a crucial criterion
  • Empathy


  • Qualified mental trainer
  • Certified intuition trainer

The following methods await you in the course:

  • Application of the mental techniques related to the specific assignment.
  • Mix of methods: practical exercises, lecture, discussion, case studies,
  • Teaching discussions • Group work • Role plays • Colleague advice • Feedback,

Head of the training: Mag. Gabriela Schildbach


Just start the education and decide later upon "Which course is suitable for my life?" and "Can I go through with the course?" Many people who are willing to do an education or who are willing to adapt their knowledge to the time ask themselves those questions. In today's fast-paced world, however, it is difficult to estimate whether you can "stay through" three or five semesters. Simply because changes in the job or family obligations can often make it difficult to complete the training you have started with a diploma.
Many of these courses, further education and training courses get abruptly canceled and in such cases the previous investment is gone.
The training offered by Coaching You© takes this problem into account and thus offers people who are often under pressure the opportunity to invest in their training. In the first attempt you make, you can start with the 3-semester training as a mental trainer and then "top up" to become a life coach depending on your own time frame.

Seminar dates:

Access to distance learning is always possible

On-campus studies tbd.

Blended learning (distance learning + face-to-face mixed as required): entry possible at any time

Participant number:

Max. 12 participants


2 semesters, 354 teaching units


Coaching You® Training Center e. U., 1220 Vienna, Tokiostrasse 11


Registration fee: € 285, course: 1,790; Diploma talk € 365


Request your individual cost estimate.


Specialization: Diploma in Family Mental Training; Diploma in children's mental training; Diploma in business training;


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